This is our story...

our Roots

Our story starts with our founders, Ant and Robbie, South Island cousins from a foodie family.

While Robbie was in Queenstown hunting down his big entrepreneurial break, Ant was surfing in Mexico. He refueled with authentic tacos from the beach taqueria stalls of Puerto Escondido. The tacos were like nothing New Zealand had experienced before. They were fresh, fun and social, just like our founding duo; Ant and Robbie knew they needed to bring tacos to Queenstown.

They trialed and perfected their menu with the help of family and friends, whilst they built the taco truck on the front lawn. The result was a menu boasting food that was good for mind, body and soul, so it was named Taco Medic. Plus, the taco truck did look a bit like an ambulance...

Our Taco oases for the people

From learning the art of taco creation from the people of Puerto Escondido, to developing our menu at tasting nights with friends and family, we have always been inspired by people. Our staff members are like family, united in our mission to care for our customers and our community and have a good time doing it. We take genuine interest in all who walk into our taqueria and do our best to welcome you into our taco oasis. We devote ourselves to perfecting our craft, supporting community and creating real connections in order to make your experience with us the best it can be.

Being stewards of the planet

We recognise that we can’t do what we love without respecting and protecting the planet that grows our fresh ingredients. Change requires constant effort, even in small steps, towards a worthwhile goal. As much as possible, we source our ingredients from local farms and businesses that are also making eco-conscious efforts. Sustainable options are often more pricey than their alternatives, but we believe the planet is worth the investment. With two founders growing up on adventures all around the beautiful South Island of New Zealand, it's no wonder we believe in protecting our natural environment the best we can. The longer earth thrives, the longer we can keep doing what we love!


We found our inspiration in the little Mexican surf town of Puerto Escondido and integrated the flavour muses of Mexico with New Zealand flair. Handcrafting traditional Mexican tortillas every morning is the key foundation to our tacos. We seek out relationships with local suppliers so we can fill our tacos with the freshest ingredients we can get our hands on, from land to sea. Our menu is a culinary celebration of flavourful, local ingredients and accommodating of many dietary requirements. We believe that food made quickly should also be healthy, high quality and absurdly delicious, and we embody this belief in everything we do.

Our placeIN THE community

Our taquerias are founded upon transparency and good vibes. The open kitchen layout invites guests to join us at the counter, showcasing our culinary process using fresh ingredients. But our space is not solely focused on food. Our oasis is designed to be a gathering point for community, a place where everyone feels welcomed and connected. We fell in love with tacos because we felt they were fun and social; now we get to bring people together over good food and better yarns every single day.

Our taco Oasis Awaits!