let's have a yarn ...

let's have a yarn ...

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Do your shops take reservations?

We operate on a first come, first served basis, meaning we don't take reservations. However, the style of service in our taquerias is quite quick, with space opening up frequently to accommodate people at all times.

Can the Taco Medic menu accommodate my dietary needs?

We've done our best to create a menu that accommodates many needs and our staff are trained to swap ingredients so you get what works for you, without sacrificing the full taco experience. Check out our Menu or Allergens Information sheet on our 'Food' page or, if you need more info, head to our contact form with any questions and we'll get in touch ASAP!

Can you guys please sponsor my team/school/event?

It is very important to us to support community efforts and we are always looking for ways to get more involved. Please fill out the contact form below with your request and we can help discuss what kind of funding we can offer!

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This is about more than just making tacos. Taco Medic is growing and looking for epic humans to join our crew and build careers with us. Rustle up your CV and fire it over to us if you're a team player and think you'd make a good fit - apply@tacomedic.co.nz.

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